Again Jesus spoke to them saying “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12

Our journey through life is wrought with ups and downs and highs and lows! Days filled with joys, sorrows, challenges, surprises, and tragedies. How does one remain calm and stay positive and focused and hopeful with everything going on and ever changing? I believe it is our Christian faith put into practice that makes all the difference in our world outlook.

As Christians we believe in the “Arising Son” who promises us eternal life. Of course, we need to actively put our faith trusting in Jesus Christ into daily practice. During the first three months of the pandemic starting in March 2020, I forgot that God was always there with me through the darkness. I felt like I lost everything in life that had given me meaning and been so important. My job, seeing my friends and family, attending my church, my volunteer activities, my yoga classes, traveling to warmer places, eating out, seeing movies and concerts were some of the things that I could no longer do. These activities were all curtailed during the pandemic. I became addicted to watching news stories on TV twenty-four seven. I also became anxious and depressed filled with despair. I felt isolated and alone.

It took some time for me to realize that Jesus never left me! He was there with me all along, giving me the strength to get through each day and begin each new one! Though I lost the job I loved and was unable to see the people I cared about Jesus never leaves me. All I must do is call on Him and ask Him to help give me the strength to go through the challenges I am facing. I realized I still had so much to be grateful for and it changed my perspective on the situation.

Jesus assures us through John 8:12 that if we follow Him, we will have the light of life despite all the darkness around us. This passage gives me hope. We need to remember even in our bleakest hours, Jesus is always still with us. Jesus said belief in Him is the way to everlasting life. This provides me with consolation, knowing that when I leave this world, I will be reunited with my Lord and my loved ones who have passed before me.

Lord, let me remember that when all seems hopeless, you are right here with me giving me the strength I need to carry on and bring me through all the darkness into your radiant light. I trust and believe in you, O God, to continue to guide and carry me through whatever challenges I am facing. You are our constant steadfast light. We need never despair or fear because you will never abandon us. You are the one truth that stands solidly in times of trouble and chaos. Amen.

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash