As Jesus started on his way a man ran up to him, fell on his knees before him. “Good Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal Life?”

Mark 10:17

As I sit and reflect on the recent events of this past year I can see why many people are not trusting of God’s Plan. These past months have been trying for so many and grief, disbelief, fear, and suffering seem to be prevalent in our day to day lives. As a Christian I too have sat and cried and ask God for some sort of explanation of His Plan. Life, in fact, is controlled by, His Plan. We are asked to follow him and trust that this Plan is set before us for a reason. Our journeys’ in life may be very different in some ways but as a Family of Faith we share in the hope for a brighter tomorrow and an answer to our questions.

No one, including Jesus, has a journey without trials and struggles. It is by Faith that we know that we will make it through with God’s help. To inherit eternal life we must trust in the journey and follow God’s plan for us. Accept Jesus into our hearts and know that he is always with us along the way. We are all bound to stumble and sometimes fall but knowing that we travel along this journey with the Love and Help of Jesus makes it a worthwhile task. May our Journey be filled with Love and Grace and may your share that with those around you as well.

Dear God, please be with us this day and always help us to trust in Your Plan and follow along the chosen journey. Amen.

Photo by Clement Eastwood from Pexels