The night is far gone, the day is near. Let us then lay aside the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.

Romans 13:12

What an appropriate verse for this time of year, and for the current state of our country! We are beyond the darkness of December, when the day is at its shortest. It is a time of darkness, when many people get up before the sun rises and arrive home after the sun sets. When I was working, I was one of those people. The days of increasing darkness were, frankly, depressing, especially when the day was cloudy. The holidays, which take place during this time, are also difficult for many people, as they are not associated with joyousness, but some type of tragedy. All in all, the darkness inherent in this time of year emphasizes the hopelessness felt by many.

Although we have months to go before spring, the number of daylight hours is increasing. We can look forward to crocuses and daffodils and tulips brightening the landscape outside our windows, which has for so long lain dormant.

We can feel the increasing warmth of the sun on our faces. The fresh scent of spring fills the air and is a balm for our spirits. With all of this going on, we cannot help but be reminded of Jesus’s resurrection and the hope that it brings.

As our country looks forward to another spring, it is hoped that the tide of COVID will be turned, as more people are vaccinated. The warmer weather also draws people outside, where the air is fresher and in gentle movement. We all fervently anticipate the day when our lives return to some form of normalcy.

Dearest Lord Jesus, please help us to emerge from our spiritual hibernation and darkness of the soul to clothe ourselves in the light of your resurrection. Amen.

Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels