The overall theme for 2021 is “Arising Son.” It is our belief in the resurrection that makes (or marks us as) Christians and brings us together. Together in love, service and joy is what Jesus asks of us. 

As we walk with Jesus on his journey to the cross, this Lenten Devotional starts with the Transfiguration and ends with the resurrection. The weekly topics selected are: Transfiguration, Alpha (Beginnings), Journeys, Amid the Darkness, Light Lengthens, Omega (Endings) and Prince of

The goal of the 2021 forty-day Lenten Devotional is to help each of us recognize and acknowledge that as Christians we believe in the “Arising Son”. Christ works through us to recognize and share His endless grace, mercy and love that renew us spiritually and strengthen our commitment to our Lord and to each other. 

As the church does not include Sundays in the forty days of Lent, the first day of each week is used to introduce the weekly subject. This also affords an opportunity for individuals and/or families to reflect on the many blessings for which we are thankful. Be sure to check out the activity
pages found in the devotional. We pray that your personal Lenten Journey will be marked by the example and presence of Christ.

The Lenten Devotional for 2021 has been a cooperative effort among St. David’s Episcopal Church, Grace Lutheran Church and St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is wonderful to share this penitential time of the Church year with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Personal experiences of the contributors have made this Lenten Devotional possible. 

Download the whole booklet as a PDF below, or jump to individual daily readings at the bottom of the page.